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5 Reasons to Include Outdoor Lighting in Your Residential Community

Monday August 05, 2019

When developing a neighborhood or residential community, don't overlook the importance of outdoor lighting. While mailboxes and signs are important, outdoor lighting is also important. Regardless of the size of your residential community or where it's located, it can benefit from the use of outdoor lighting in the five following ways.

#1) Complements Other Structures in the Community

Assuming you choose the right style, outdoor lighting will complement the other structures in your residential community. If your residential community has wayfinding signage featuring rustic-black poles, for example, you can use outdoor lighting with similar rustic-black poles. By choosing an appropriate style of outdoor lighting, you'll create a more attractive and cohesive residential community.

#2) Reveals Potential Hazards

Of course, outdoor lighting will reveal potential hazards that could otherwise cause injury. When the sun goes down, safety hazards like cracks in the sidewalk or road could go unnoticed. And if a pedestrian or cyclist doesn't see the crack, he or she could injury themselves. Outdoor lighting prevents such incidents by illuminating the residential community and revealing potential safety hazards.

#3) Increased Property Values

In some cases, outdoor lighting can increase property values. Prospective buyers generally offer more money for homes in well-lit communities than those in poorly lit communities. This is particularly true if a residential community has other attractive elements like mailboxes and wayfinding signage.

#4) Lowers Crime Rates

Research has shown that well-lit residential communities have lower crime rates than their poorly lit counterparts. Outdoor lighting deters would-be criminals by illuminating the surrounding environment. If a criminal is thinking about vandalizing or breaking into a home, he or she may reconsider if there's ample outdoor lighting present.

#5) Encourages Outdoor Living

Finally, outdoor lighting encourages residents to spend more time outdoors. It's estimated that the average person spends 87% of his or her life indoors. With outdoor lighting, residents in the community are more likely to go outdoors -- even after the sun has gone down. Residents may host outdoor parties, grill food or simply hand out in their yard. Without outdoor lighting, on the other hand, residents will probably spend most of their time indoors.

As you can see, outdoor lighting is an important element of a neighborhood or residential community. It complements the community's other structures, reveals potential hazards, increases property values, lowers crime rates and encourages outdoor living. For these reasons and others, you should include outdoor lighting in your residential community.


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