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What Is Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage?

Monday August 26, 2019


Not all wayfinding signs are designed for motorists. Some are designed for pedestrians. Known as pedestrian wayfinding signage, it offers guidance for pedestrians, cyclists and other people who use a sidewalk or roadside area. Like conventional wayfinding signage, it contains information and/or directions that serve as guidance. The difference, however, is that pedestrian wayfinding signage is designed for pedestrians, whereas conventional wayfinding signage is designed for motorists. Because of this nuance, there are several things property developers must consider when installing and using pedestrian wayfinding signage.

STD-4C Mailboxes: How They Differ From the Old STD-4B Standard

Monday August 19, 2019


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been encouraging homeowners and business owners to use centralized mail delivery systems for decades. In 1967, the USPS introduced the first residential curbside Cluster Box Units (CBUs). A form of centralized mail delivery, CBUs streamlined the delivery of mail by providing mail couriers with a single drop-off point for multiple residences. Since then, the USPS has released specifications for other forms of centralized mail delivery systems, including STD-4B and the newer STD-4C.

Door Slots vs Traditional Mailboxes: Which Is Best?

Monday August 12, 2019


Contrary to what some people believe, the United States Postal Service (USPS) doesn't require each home or residential building to have a traditional mailbox. An alternative form of mail reception allowed by the USPS is a door slot. As shown below, a door slot is a rectangular-shaped hole in which mall is inserted. The mail courier can slide the tenants' mail into the slot, at which point it will fall onto the floor or in a bucket inside the tenants' home. So, which is these mail delivery solutions work best?

5 Reasons to Include Outdoor Lighting in Your Residential Community

Monday August 05, 2019


When developing a neighborhood or residential community, don't overlook the importance of outdoor lighting. While mailboxes and signs are important, outdoor lighting is also important. Regardless of the size of your residential community or where it's located, it can benefit from the use of outdoor lighting in the five following ways.