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Your Premier Source for Centralized Mailbox Systems

Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any "clustered" style of mailboxes, including free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster mailbox or Cluster Box Unit (CBU). The CBU's and 4C's are USPS Approved and often used in residential, commercial and retail settings. These pedestal-mounted and wall mounted units are used for safe, secure access to mail and package delivery 24 hours a day by multiple residents in one central location. Dress up your basic CBU with decorative accessories to fit your neighborhood.

Expand your ability to securely receive packages by adding outdoor package protectors to your centralized mail delivery installation, or create a standalone package center.

Horizontal mailboxes were the standard for large multifamily residential and business mail delivery applications. However, these mailboxes may now only be used in direct one-to-one replacements in facilities with U.S.P.S. mail delivery.


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