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4C Recessed Mount Mailbox Systems
All standard 4C modules are designed to be recessed into their mounting with the most common installation directly into a wall.  Forsite offers a robust line of USPS Approved 4C modules and accessories. 

4C Surface Mount Mailbox Systems
Utilizing the surface mount collars allows individual 4C modules to be installed flush onto a wall.  Ideal for settings with limited wall depth or material that is difficult to cut in a rough opening - like brick or marble, the assembled collar provides a finished sleek look.

4C Depot Cabinet Mailbox Systems
The versatile 4C Depot cabinet is a free-standing installation option for our secure, durable USPS Approved STD-4C wall-mounted mailboxes and parcel lockers.  The Depot can be installed outside or inside and is designed to ensure the selected 4C module is installed in compliance with USPS regulations.

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