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How to Choose the Right Bollards for Your Development Project

Tuesday October 19, 2021

Bollards are found in countless parks, neighborhoods, shopping centers and other outdoor spaces. As shown in the adjacent photo, they consist of poles that create a visual separation between pedestrian and vehicular areas. Upon seeing bollards, motorists will know that they shouldn't drive beyond them. The end result is a safer outdoor space that attracts more pedestrians. While all bollards serve this purpose, however, they are available in different types. When planning a development project, you'll need to choose the right type of bollards.

Surface Mount vs Burial

Bollards can be classified as either surface mount or burial, depending on how they are installed. Surface-mount bollards are installed directly on the ground, whereas burial bollards are installed in the ground. You'll need to determine which type is right for your development project.

For concrete or otherwise paved spaces, surface-mount bollards are the way to go. You can install them by mounting the bollards to the paved space with fasteners. For unpaved areas with grass or exposed soil, on the other hand, you should choose burial bollards. Burial bollards are installed several inches in the ground. You can dig a shallow hole, after which you can insert a bollard before refilling the hole.

Chain or Rope Support

Something else to consider when choosing bollards is whether they support a chain or rope. Bollards are oftentimes used alone. Some outdoor areas feature a row of bollards between pedestrian and vehicular areas. With that said, bollards may support a chain or rope as well. A rope or chain can be placed through the top of each bollard, thus connecting them together.

To support a chain or rope, bollards must feature a hole at the top. Not all bollards have this hole, however. Some of them have a solid top. You can only connect bollards with a chain or rope if they feature a hole at the top.


Don't underestimate the importance of choosing weatherproof bollards. Whether surface mount or burial, bollards are typically installed outdoors where they are exposed to the elements. The combination of sunlight, rain, humidity and the wind can take a toll on them. Fortunately, there are weatherproof bollards available.

Weatherproof bollards are characterized by a weather-resistant construction. They are often made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as aluminum, with a protective finish. Powder-coated finishes are common with bollards. With a powder-coated finish, bollards will have a layer of plastic particles covering the underlying metal or material from which they are made.


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