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The Complete Guide to STD-4B Mailboxes

Friday June 05, 2020

There are several types of centralized mail delivery systems supported by the United States Postal Service (USPS), including STD-4B mailboxes. Like all centralized mail delivery systems, STD-4B mailboxes don't consist of individual and separate mailboxes. Rather, they consist of a single wall-mounted unit that contains multiple mailbox compartments. If you're unfamiliar with the STD-4B mailboxes, keep reading to learn more about this traditional centralized mail delivery system and how it works.

What Are STD-4B Mailboxes?

Also known as STANDARD-4B mailboxes, STD-4B mailboxes are a type of centralized mail delivery system that complies with USPS's STD-4B specification. As shown in the photo above, they feature multiple mailbox compartments in a single wall-mounted unit. Some STD-4B mailboxes are front loaded, whereas others are rear loaded. Regardless, they all contain multiple mailbox compartments, which distinguishes them from curbside mailboxes.

The USPS Now Uses the STD-4C Specification

It's important to note that the USPS has replaced the STD-4B specification with a new specification known as STD-4C. For all multi-unit residences and buildings with construction plans submitted after Oct. 6, 2007, developers must use STD-4C mailboxes.

Both STD-4B and STD-4C mailboxes are centralized, but there are some nuances regarding their design. STD-4C mailboxes, for example, are designed with larger mailbox compartments than their STD-4B counterparts. They also have a new lock design as well as a powder-coated finish. You can learn more about the differences between STD-4B and STD-4C mailboxes by checking out this post.

The Benefits of STD-4B Mailboxes

While the USPS has since replaced the STD-4B specification with the newer STD-4C mailbox standard, that doesn't mean STD-4B mailboxes are obsolete. The USPS only requires the use of STD-4C mailboxes for residences and buildings with construction plans submitted after Oct. 6, 2007. Therefore, if you're looking to replace mailboxes for a multi-unit residence or building with construction plans submitted prior to this date, you can use STD-4B mailboxes.

If the residence or building for which you are replacing the mailboxes already has STD-4B mailboxes, for instance, you may want to stick with this same specification rather than switching to STD-4C mailboxes. With the same specification, you'll have an easier time installing the mailboxes. With that said, upgrading to STD-4C mailboxes is worth considering as well. The STD-4C specification contains several improvements over its STD-4B predecessor.


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