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6 Reasons to Choose LED Outdoor Lighting for Your Development Project

Tuesday November 10, 2020

Not all forms of outdoor lighting are made equal. Whether you're developing a neighborhood, an apartment complex or a commercial shopping center, you should consider light-emitting diode (LED) outdoor lighting. It will illuminate the surrounding space just like incandescent and other lighting technologies, but LED offers several key benefits over its counterparts.

#1) Low Heat Production

While all forms of outdoor lighting produce heat, LED produces less heat than other common lighting technologies. Incandescent lighting, for example, works by electrically charging a wire filament. As electricity flows through the wire filament, the incandescent bulb will illuminate. LED lighting doesn't use a wire filament. Rather, it creates electromagnetic energy to illuminate the respective bulb, resulting in less heat produced during operation.

#2) Energy Efficient

LED outdoor lighting is known for its energy-efficient properties. Research shows that LED bulbs convert 70% of their energy, on average, into visible light. To put that number into perspective, incandescent bulbs only convert about 10% of their energy into visible light. This makes LED a far more efficient lighting technology.

#3) Long-Lasting

Another reason to choose LED outdoor lighting is that it lasts a long time. All forms of outdoor lighting have a finite lifespan. Eventually, the bulb will die, at which point it must be replaced. LED outdoor lighting, though, lasts much longer than other forms of outdoor lighting.

#4) Support for Multiple Colors

You aren't restricted to using LED outdoor lighting in a traditional white color. LED bulbs are capable of producing light in a variety of colors. They can produce light in green, blue, yellow and countless other colors. Incandescent bulbs can also produce colored light, but they generally require the use of a filler gel. LED bulbs, on the other hand, don't require a filler.

#5) Instant Illumination

LED outdoor lighting can provide instant illumination. In other words, when an LED bulb is turned on, it will instantly produce light. Incandescent bulbs typically require a few seconds to begin producing light. Only after an incandescent bulb's wire filament has warmed up will it produce light.

#6) Brighter Light

Finally, LED outdoor lighting can produce stronger, brighter light than other forms of outdoor lighting. When compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs of similar wattage, an LED bulb will produce brighter light. Therefore, you won't have to install as many LED bulbs as you would with halogen or incandescent lighting.


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