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The Jorolemon Mailbox: How It Influenced Modern-Day Mailbox Designs

Monday December 16, 2019

Have you heard of the Joroleman mailbox? Even if you're unfamiliar with it, you've probably encountered mailboxes featuring its iconic and classic design. The Joroleman mailbox's rectangular-dome design has become synonymous with residential curbside mailboxes. To learn more about this iconic mailbox and how it influenced modern-day mailbox designs, keep reading.

What Is the Joroleman Mailbox?

The Joroleman mailbox is a type of curbside mailbox designed by United States Postal Service (USPS) employee Roy J. Joroleman in 1915. The USPS approved Joroleman's design, allowing the mailbox to be sold and used throughout the country. With experience in mechanical engineering, Joroleman used his skills to design a convenient, easy-to-use mailbox that was naturally protected against weather-related damage. Known as the Joroleman mailbox, it's a classic design that many homeowners prefer.

Characteristics of the Joroleman Mailbox

A defining characteristic of the Joroleman mailbox is a rectangular-dome shape. Prior to its inception, most curbside mailboxes featured a flat top with sharp edges. When experimenting with new mailbox designs, Joroleman discovered that by using a rectangular-dome shape, water and snow wouldn't accumulate on the top. Rather, gravity would pull the rain or snow down and off the mailbox. Other types of curbside mailboxes at the time often succumbed to weather-related degradation. Rain and snow would collect on the top of curbside mailboxes, and ask the moisture soaked into the mailboxes, it caused them to rust or rot.

In addition to a rectangular-dome design, the Joroleman mailbox features a light-gauge stainless steel design. The use of light-gauge stainless steel further protects the mailbox from rusting and corrosion while keeping it relatively lightweight. Stainless steel doesn't rot, and it's protected against rusting and corrosion thanks to its chromium content.

The Impact of the Joroleman Mailbox

Although there are exceptions, most curbside mailboxes produced and sold today feature the same rectangular-dome design as the Jorolemon mailbox. Mailbox manufacturers have embraced its rectangular-dome design because it naturally protects against weather-related damage. The USPS typically classified curbside mailboxes with a rectangular-dome design as traditional mailboxes, whereas mailboxes featuring other shapes are classified as contemporary mailboxes.

The Joroleman mailbox might be over a century old, but its iconic rectangular-shape design is still being used today. The design allows rain and snow to fall off the sides of the mailbox rather than accumulate on top.


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