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Guidelines to Follow When Installing Apartment Mailboxes

Monday May 13, 2019

There are now over 2 million apartment buildings in the United States, according to a Rental Housing Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. If you're faced with the task of developing or renovating an apartment building, you might be wondering what type of mailboxes you should use. With multiple residences per each apartment building, traditional curbside mailboxes aren't practical. Instead, you'll need to choose a more convenient and easily accessible type of mailbox that complies with the United States Postal Service's (USPS's) guidelines.

Centralized Mailboxes

For apartment buildings -- as well as other multi-unit residential buildings -- constructed after Oct. 6, 2006, the USPS requires the use of centralized receptacles designed with the 4C specification. 4C mailboxes are a centralized mailing system, meaning they multiple compartments for multiple units. Rather than installing 20 curbside mailboxes for 20 units in a single apartment building, you can install just a few 4C mailboxes. As a result, the USPS now requires apartment buildings to use mailboxes designed with this specification rather than curbside or other traditional single-unit mailboxes.

On its website, the USPS explains that STD-4C mailboxes offer a variety of benefits, some of which include the following:

  • Increased security of tenants' incoming and outgoing mail
  • Easier for mail couriers to access
  • User-friendly compartment design
  • Compartment supports a large volume of mail

Apartment buildings constructed prior to Oct. 6, 2006 can use STD-4B mailboxes. But for apartment buildings constructed after this date, 4C mailboxes must be used.

1 Parcel Locker Per 10 Mailbox Compartments

In addition to the centralized mailbox units themselves, you'll also need to install parcel lockers for the apartment building. Parcel lockers are larger mailbox units used for the reception of large packages. Without a parcel locker, mail couriers won't be able to deliver large packages to the apartment's tenants. To solve this problem, parcel lockers are used.

The USPS requires the use of at least one parcel locker per 10 mailbox compartments. If you have 50 mailbox compartments, for example, you'll need to install 10 parcel lockers to comply with the USPS's guidelines. If you have 100 mailbox compartments, you'll need 20 parcel lockers to remain compliant. Additionally, the USPS says that parcel lockers must be placed closed to the entrance of apartment buildings, and mail couriers must be allowed to access and use the locker without interference from its doors.


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