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What Are Cluster Mailbox Units?

Tuesday October 09, 2018

Used by thousands of apartments, condos, neighborhoods and other residential communities, cluster mailbox units(CBU) are often preferred over traditional curbside units. It offers a simple, secure and convenient way for residents to check their mail. But unless you're familiar with mailboxes, you might be wondering what exactly a cluster unit is, let alone whether it's right for your residential community.

Cluster Mailboxes Explained

As shown above, a cluster mailbox unit a centralized mail delivery system that contains multiple individual mail compartments, each of which is designated for an individual residential unit.

Cluster mailbox units have origins dating back to the mid- to late 1960s, during which the United States Postal Service (USPS) launched the country's first cluster units. Like those used today, these early model cluster units served as a centralized mail system where multiple community tenants could check their own mail. After launching cluster mailbox units, the USPS discovered that it streamlined the delivery of mail to multiple residential dwellings. And since then, cluster mailbox units have only become more popular throughout the United States.

Benefits of Cluster Mailbox Units

Cluster mailbox units offer several benefits over traditional curbside units, one of which is security. Each individual mail compartment is a cluster unit is reserved for a specific residential dwelling. Therefore, only tenants of the respective dwelling can check their unit's mail. Cluster mailbox units typically have a master key, owned by the postal carrier, that can open all the units. Tenants, however, are given a separate key that can only be used to open their unit's mailbox.

Cluster mailbox units also save the USPS money. Statistics show that the USPS spends roughly $224 per resident per year for curbside mail delivery. The annual cost of delivering mail to cluster mailbox units, however, is only $160. Because of the cost-savings benefits offered by curbside mailbox units, the USPS encourages residential communities to use them.

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