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Mailbox Maintenance: Prepare Before the Winter Strikes

Tuesday October 10, 2017

The Clinton County Road Commission has announced that October 19th, 2013 is “Shake Your Mailbox Day.” If you are physically capable of shaking your mailbox, then it is highly likely that you need to look into maintenance, as Joe Pulver—the general manager of road commission—suggests. 

When a snowstorm hits, it can impact much more than just the streets and homes in the community. Your mailbox—as well as the entire community’s mailboxes—can take on a considerable amount of damage. When the snow falls, all of it piles up and pushes against your neighborhood’s cast aluminum mailboxes which can weaken its posts or hardware. 

It’s important to take the time to ensure that your community’s mailboxes are not in need of repairs before winter strikes. With a good amount of mailbox maintenance, you and your neighborhood can work together to prevent any future damage. Additionally, the neighborhood can guarantee any significant mail delivery without having to make any alternative delivery arrangements. 

There is no debate that your mailbox plays a crucial role for your home and your community. After all, a defective mailbox can become the eyesore of your neighborhood.  As a homeowner living in a nice location, keeping your property well-maintained is one of your responsibilities (and your neighbor’s, too).

Mailboxes need to comply with both road commission and US Postal Service rules and requirements, which is another reason to shake your mailbox on October 19th or to thoroughly inspect it.  

If there are any damages whatsoever to your mailbox—or perhaps you might notice an issue in a neighbor’s mailbox—you should look into contacting your state’s road commission. Mailbox replacement policies vary, so it is best to consult a professional first. You could contact your local post office for additional assistance.

As for the hotter areas of the world, such as Tampa, Florida, snow doesn’t really appear often and doesn’t have quite the effect that another state would. However, Tampa cast aluminum mailboxes still require maintenance in order to ensure that it is accurately settled and ready to receive mail. 

Remember, your home is your sanctuary, so taking proper care of all aspects of it is crucial. Keep your mailboxes free from harm this winter by having it inspected or by contacting your post office beforehand. It will make a substantial difference this winter.