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5 Benefits of Using Bike Racks in Your Property Development Project

Friday November 19, 2021

Bike racks are a smart investment for most property development projects. From commercial shopping centers and business districts to parks and recreational areas, they offer several benefits. If you're still on the fence about using them, you should check out the five following benefits that bike racks offer.

#1) Conserves Parking Space

Bike racks will conserve parking space. Statistics show that over 12% of Americans cycle. When given the option between driving or cycling to a particular place, many people may choose the latter. Bike racks will encourage them to cycle to your property while simultaneously conserving parking space for motorists.

#2) Theft Prevention

Another benefit of using bike racks in your property development project is theft prevention. Cycling is a viable method of transportation for all properties. Even if your property doesn't have bike racks, some people may cycle to it. Bike racks, however, will allow them to secure their bikes after arriving. Bikes support chain locks that can be wrapped around a bike rack. The end result is a lower risk of theft.

#3) Fosters a Sense of Community

Using bike racks in your property development project will foster a sense of community. Cycling is a hobby that brings people together. While some people cycle solo, others particulate in group-based cycling. It's a fun activity that brings people together. The bottom line is that using bike racks in your property will foster a sense of community by bringing like-minded cyclists together

#4) Improves Aesthetics

You can improve the aesthetics of your property by using bike racks. Not all bike racks feature the same design. You can find them a variety of colors, styles, shapes and finishes. Regardless of your property is designed, there are probably bike racks available to complement it. You just need to choose bike racks that match the design of your property. Doing so will improve your property's aesthetics by adding a unique visual touch to its exterior.

#5) Good for the Environment

Bike racks are good for the environment. They encourage cycling as a method of transportation, meaning fewer people will drive to your property. Driving, of course, releases combustion gases into the atmosphere. With the exception of all-electric vehicles, most vehicles produce combustion gases, which are taxing on the environment. Cycling is a green method of transportation that doesn't involve the production or release of combustion gases.


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