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Should You Replace or Refurbish Damaged Curbside Mailboxes?

Friday November 20, 2020

When renovating a residential community, you might be wondering whether to replace or refurbish the damaged curbside mailboxes. Curbside mailboxes can become damaged over time. When exposed to rain, wind and ultraviolet (UV) sunlight, they'll degrade. There's also the possibility of motorists striking them, resulting in even more severe damage. The United Postal Service (USPS) won't deliver mail to damaged curbside mailboxes. Fortunately, you can either replace or refurbish them. Which option should you choose when renovating a residential community?

Benefits of Replacing Damaged Curbside Mailboxes

You can always replace damaged curbside mailboxes. It's a somewhat laborious task that involves removing a mailbox -- as well as the post if it's damaged as well -- and replacing it with a new one. Nonetheless, there are several reasons to consider replacing the damaged curbside mailboxes in your residential community.

By replacing damaged curbside mailboxes, you'll be able to give your residential community a fresh makeover. You can choose new curbside mailboxes in the same color and style, resulting in a universal level of cohesion throughout your residential community.

Some curbside mailboxes may be damaged beyond the point of repair. If a mailbox is severely rusted, for instance, replacing it may be your only option. Rust can eat through metal curbside mailboxes, especially if they aren't treated with anti-corrosion chemicals.

Benefits of Refurbishing Damaged Curbside Mailboxes

Refurbishment offers an easier solution to dealing with damaged curbside mailboxes. Mailbox refurbishment is a professional service that's designed to restore the appearance and integrity of damaged or otherwise worn curbside mailboxes. During a refurbishment service, an expert will visit your residential community to repair the damaged curbside mailboxes. As a result, you won't have to perform any major work. A refurbishment expert will take care of the damaged mailbox or mailboxes in your residential community.

When compared to replacing them, refurbishing damaged curbside mailboxes is usually cheaper. You'll spend less money on a refurbishment service than you would to replace a damaged curbside mailbox. Replacing a single curbside mailbox probably won't burn a hole in your wallet. If you have to replace 20 or more, though, it can prove costly. Refurbishment, on the other hand, costs less, making it ideal for large-scale renovation projects.

Refurbishment will also revitalize the appearance of curbside mailboxes. Even if they aren't necessarily damaged, curbside mailboxes may become dirty. Refurbishment experts know how to clean dirty curbside mailboxes so that they look like new again.


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