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How to Prevent Curbside Mailboxes From Leaning

Tuesday March 03, 2020

It's not uncommon for curbside mailboxes to lean over time. Even if you originally installed a mailbox vertically and upright, it may eventually lean either forward, backward or to the side. When this occurs, it can harm the adjacent homes' curb appeal while potentially increasing the risk of injury for mail couriers and motorists. You can prevent your curbside mailboxes from leaning, however, by taking a few basic precautions.

Compact the Soil Before Installation

Whether you're installing a single mailbox or 100 mailboxes, you should compact the soil beforehand. If the soil is loose, the mailbox post will also be loose. Compacting the soil increases its density so that the post will be more secure.

Watch the Weight

In addition to compacting the soil before installation, you should watch the weight of your curbside mailboxes. Heavier mailboxes are more likely to lean than their lightweight counterparts. If a mailbox is too heavy, its high center of gravity may cause it to lean forward, backward or to the side. You don't have to necessarily use thin and flimsy mailboxes, but you should watch the weight nonetheless.

Bury Posts 2 Feet Deep and Use a Concrete Footer

When installing curbside mailboxes, you should bury the posts 2 feet deep in the ground and always use a concrete footer. According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), mailbox posts buried no more than 2 feet deep can safely break away when struck by a vehicle. At a depth of 2 feet, your mailboxes will also be stable and secure. You can always bury the posts at a shallower depth, but doing so increases the risk of them leaning. The shallower you bury a post, the more likely is it to lean. So, aim for a depth of 2 feet when burying the posts for your curbside mailboxes.

Choose the Right Post

The type of posts on which you mount your mailboxes will affect their risk of leaning. If they are too small or frail, they may fail to adequately support your mailboxes. So, what type of posts should you use? The FHWA recommends using either 4-by-4-inch wooden posts or steel or aluminum pipes measuring 2 inches in diameter.

Consider Mailbox and Post Refurbishment

If a mailbox begins to lean after installation, consider a professional mailbox and post refurbishment service. As the name suggests, this all-inclusive service involves the professional refurbishment of a mailbox and its accompanying post.


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