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Does the USPS Allow Wall-Mounted Mailboxes?

Monday November 23, 2020

Mailboxes are an important part of all neighborhoods and residential communities. Without them, residents won't be able to send or receive mail -- at least not without visiting a local post office. If you're developing a neighborhood or residential community, though, you might be wondering whether wall-mounted mailboxes are allowed. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has rules regarding the use of mailboxes, but that doesn't necessarily mean they prohibit the use wall-mounted mailboxes.

Wall-Mounted Mailboxes Are Allowed in Certain Cases

According to the USPS, developers or residents must obtain permission from the postmaster to use a wall-mounted mailbox. Why is permission required exactly? Wall-mounted mailboxes are typically installed on the exterior of homes and buildings, making them difficult for mail couriers to access. Rather than driving by a resident's curbside mailbox, mail couriers must pull into the resident's driveway, park and then walk to his or her home to deliver mail to a wall-mounted mailbox. The USPS strives to deliver mail in the fastest and most efficient way possible, so it typically discourages the use of wall-mounted mailboxes.

There Are No Specifications for Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

It's important to note that the USPS doesn't have specifications to which wall-mounted mailboxes must adhere. While there are specifications for curbside mailboxes, there aren't any for wall-mounted mailboxes. As a result, many wall-mounted mailboxes lack the quality of their curbside counterparts.

Will the USPS Deliver Mail to Wall-Mounted Mailboxes?

As previously mentioned, you must obtain permission from the postmaster to use wall-mounted mailboxes. This is done to increase the speed and efficiency at which mail couriers deliver mail. In most neighborhoods and residential communities, the USPS will decline to deliver mail to wall-mounted mailboxes. If a neighborhood or residential community is located in an area where mail couriers typically travel by foot, however, the USPS may allow the use of wall-mounted mailboxes.

What About Centralized Mail Delivery?

Centralized mail delivery systems are a viable alternative to wall-mounted mailboxes. There are Cluster Box Units (CBUs), for instance, that use a wall-mounted configuration. And unlike wall-mounted mailboxes, the USPS encourages the use of CBUs.

With a CBU, mail couriers won't have to visit multiple residents to deliver mail. CBUs and other forms of centralized mail delivery systems contain multiple compartments -- one for each household or residence. This design allow mail couriers to deliver mail more quickly when compared to wall-mounted mailboxes as well as curbside mailboxes.


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