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Can Curbside Mailboxes Feature the Names of Residents?

Friday July 24, 2020

Curbside mailboxes have been used for over a century to deliver mail to U.S. households. Even with the advent of centralized mail delivery systems, including STD-4C mailboxes and Cluster Box Units (CBUs), they remain the most common mail delivery system. Because they are governed by the United States Postal Service (USPS), however, residents often wonder if they can place their name on their curbside mailbox. In this post, you'll learn more about the USPS's labeling requirements and whether names are allowed.

Curbside Mailboxes Must Feature the Address Number

The USPS requires all curbside mailboxes to feature the address number of the respective household's address. The only exception is when a household hasn't been assigned an address by the local authorities. If a resident's household doesn't have an address number, he or she can omit this information from the curbside mailbox. Only households that have been given an address number by the local authorities must feature the address number on their curbside mailbox.

Curbside Mailboxes Must Feature the Street Name If Located on a Different Street

In addition to the address number, curbside mailboxes must feature the resident's street name if the mailbox is located on a different street. Not all curbside mailboxes are located on the same street as the resident's household. Some are located on a different street. According to the USPS, if a curbside mailbox is located on a different street, it must bear the street name of the resident's household.

Displaying the Resident's Name Is Optional

Residents can either display their name on their curbside mailbox, or they can leave it off. The USPS gives residents the freedom to decide whether or not to display their name on their curbside mailbox. Many residents prefer to display their name on their curbside mailbox because it helps mail couriers identify them. With their name displayed, mail couriers will know that a piece of mail is being sent to the correct address.

Displaying names on curbside mailboxes is particularly useful for households with multiple residents. If a household has five residents, mail couriers may not remember all their names. Showing the residents' names on their shared curbside mailbox solves this problem so that mail couriers can easily identify them.

When displaying their name on their curbside mailbox, however, the USPS states that it should be at least 1 inch tall. If it's shorter than 1 inch, mail couriers may struggle to see it. Therefore, residents should use relatively large letters when displaying their name on their curbside mailbox.


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