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Are Your Curbside Mailboxes Weatherproof?

Friday February 28, 2020

When choosing curbside mailboxes for a neighborhood or residential community, you should check to see whether they are waterproof. Curbside mailboxes are regularly exposed to rain, sleet and snow. Over the course of many months or years, exposure to these elements can cause damage. Thankfully, some curbside mailboxes offer a higher level of protection against the weather than others. By choosing weatherproof curbside mailboxes, you can rest assured knowing that they will last a long time.

Choose USPS Approved Mailboxes

Mailboxes that comply with the United States Postal Service's (USPS's) guidelines generally offer greater protection against the weather than their non-compliant counterparts. As revealed here, the USPS requires all curbside mailboxes to feature a sealed design that prevents moisture intrusion. If moisture is allowed to enter a mailbox, it may damage either the mailbox itself or the mail. All USPS-compliant mailboxes are sealed when closed, thereby preventing moisture from entering the main compartment where it could otherwise cause damage.

Consider the Material

The material from which a curbside mailbox is made will affect its susceptibility to rain, sleet and snow. Cast aluminum and stainless steel mailboxes, for instance, typically offer a superior level of protection against the weather when compared to mailboxes made of other materials, like plastic. If you're worried about the weather damaging your curbside mailboxes, stick with either cast aluminum or stainless steel. They are both strong and durable while resisting degradation caused by moisture.

Install Upright

When installing curbside mailboxes in a neighborhood or residential community, make sure they are vertical and upright. If a mailbox tilts either forward or backward, rain may enter through the compartment door. You can refer to the USPS's guide for more information on where and how to install curbside mailboxes. With that said, all curbside mailboxes should be installed vertically and upright. Tilting, even at just a minor angle, encourages moisture to enter, which could shorten the lifespan of your curbside mailboxes.

Avoid Wooden Posts

What's wrong with mounting your curbside mailboxes on wooden posts? The problem with wooden posts is that they are susceptible to weather-related damage. Wood is porous, and like other porous objects, it absorbs moisture. If you use wooden posts for your curbside mailboxes, they'll soak up moisture from the surrounding air, which could lead to them rotting and decaying. This won't necessarily affect the actual mailboxes, but it's still something you should try to avoid.


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