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5 Signs Your Curbside Mailboxes Need Refurbishment

Monday September 07, 2020

Curbside mailboxes are something that many residents take for granted. It's not until his or her curbside mailbox degrades that a resident acknowledges its importance. Because they are installed outdoors, though, curbside mailboxes often suffer from degradation. Exposure to heat, humidity and general use may cause them to fail. Thankfully, a professional refurbishment service can bring life back into your neighborhood's curbside mailbox by restoring them. Below are five signs that your curbside mailboxes need refurbishment.

#1) Chipped Paint

A telltale sign that a curbside mailbox needs refurbishment is chipped paint. Most curbside mailboxes are painted to improve their aesthetics and prolong their overall lifespan. They feature either a thermoplastic or metal construction that's sprayed with colored paint. The paint on a curbside mailbox can chip, however, turning it into an eyesore.

#2) Corrosion

The presence of corrosion is another indication that a curbside mailbox needs refurbishment. Corrosion, such as rust, occurs when metal is exposed to oxygen or moisture. Mailbox manufacturers use paint, as well as other solutions, to protect against corrosion, but it doesn't always indefinite protection. You may need a refurbishment service to restore a rusted or otherwise corroded curbside mailbox.

#3) Door Doesn't Close

If the door doesn't close all the way on a curbside mailbox, you should consider a refurbishment service. The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires all curbside mailboxes to have a secure door. If the door doesn't close all the way, mail couriers may not deliver mail to that resident's address. A refurbishment service can fix problems such as this to ensure the timely delivery of mail to the resident's address.

#4) Wobbly Post

When determining whether a curbside mailbox needs refurbishment, check its post. Curbside mailboxes should have a sturdy post. If it moves or wobbles, refurbishment may be needed. A wobbly post is a nuisance for both the resident as well as mail couriers. Like the other problems described here, though, it can be fixed with a refurbishment service.

#5) Sun Fading

You may want to get a curbside mailbox refurbished if it suffers from sun fading. Curbside mailboxes are constantly exposed to the sun all the day long. Therefore, many of them fade. Fading typically won't affect a curbside mailbox's functionality, but it can make the mailbox less attractive nonetheless. With a refurbishment service, you can restore the appearance of a curbside mailbox back to its original color and tone.


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