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Can Newspaper Receptacles Be Used With Mailboxes?

Monday June 03, 2019

When developing a neighborhood or residential community, you might be wondering if newspaper receptacles can be installed on the same post as mailboxes. While the advent of social media has changed the way in which we receive news, millions of Americans still read traditional newspapers on a regular basis. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, nearly 34 million Americans receive a Sunday newspaper and nearly 31 million receive a daily newspaper. To accommodate these individuals -- as well as the couriers who deliver their newspaper -- you can use a newspaper receptacle. But you'll need to follow some precautions to ensure it complies with the United States Postal Service's (USPS's) requirements.

As explained on the official USPS website, newspaper receptacles can be used with mailboxes but only if certain criteria are met.

Don't Use the Mailbox to Support the Newspaper Receptacle

You can't use the mailbox to support the weight of the newspaper receptacle. In other words, don't try to mount the newspaper receptacle directly on top of the mailbox. Instead, install it to a separate area of the post that doesn't touch the mailbox.

Don't Obstruct the Mailbox With the Newspaper Receptacle

The USPS also states that newspaper receptacles must not obstruct the mailbox with which they are used. If even part of the newspaper receptacle blocks the front of the mailbox, the USPS may require you -- or the property owner at the time -- to take it down.

Don't Install Newspaper Receptacle Past the Front of the Mailbox

Another requirement is that the newspaper receptacle cannot be installed past the front of the mailbox. You can install the newspaper receptacle flush with the front of the mailbox, or you can install it farther back from the front of the mailbox. The newspaper receptacle, however, cannot be installed past the front of the mailbox.

Don't Display Advertising on the Newspaper Receptacle

With the exception of the newspaper publication's name, you cannot display advertising on a newspaper receptacle if it's installed on the same post as a mailbox. Of course, it's unlikely that a property owner will intentionally place advertisements on his or her newspaper receptacle. But if a newspaper receptacle is designed with ads when it's manufactured, it could violate this rule set by the USPS.

You can always install a separate post for the newspaper receptacle, but this takes additional time and energy. An easier solution is to simply install the receptacle on the same post as the mailbox while following USPS's requirements listed here.


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