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5 Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Cluster Mailbox Units

Saturday March 02, 2019

As the United States Postal Service (USPS) continues to encourage the use of cluster mailbox units (CBUs), you can expect to see more of these centralized mail delivery systems in apartments, neighborhoods and other residential communities. CBUs streamline mail pickup and delivery for couriers by allowing them to collect and drop off mail for many residents at a single location. Rather than visiting each resident's unit to drop off mail, for example, a courier can visit the community's CBU, which contains a secure mailbox for each resident. But for property managers who are thinking of investing in CBUs, it's important to know how to clean and maintain them.

#1) Remove Problematic Tree Branches

Trees offer a natural source of shade that can create a cooler and more comfortable outdoor environment during the hot summer months. However, property managers should closely inspect and monitor tree branches overhanging their CBUs. If there's a large, dead tree branch directly over a CBU, it could damage the CBU when it falls. By removing problematic branches such as this, property managers can protect their CBUs from damage.

#2) Wash With Soap and Water

Using an environmentally friendly, biodegradable soak, property managers should clean their CBUs. While there are store-bought cleaning products that work well for CBUs and other mailboxes, a solution of liquid dish soap and water should suffice. For stronger cleaning power, vinegar can be added as well.

#3) Don't Use Wire Brushes or Abrasive Cleaning Pads

Using a wire brush or abrasive cleaning pad on a CBU isn't recommended. They may not cause any significant damage, but they can still scratch the surface of a CBU. And if a CBU features a powder-coated exterior, a wire brush or abrasive cleaning pad could remove this protective layer, leaving the CBU vulnerable to the elements.

#4) Inspect for Damage

It's a good idea to inspect CBUs for damage on a regular basis. If a specific mailbox is damaged, the resident will usually report it, either to the mail courier or the property manager. There are times, however, when damage goes unnoticed, which is why property managers should inspect their CBUs on a regular basis. During an inspection, property managers should check the structural integrity of the CBU's base as well as the individual mailboxes.

#5) Shovel Snow During the Winter

During the winter, property managers should keep the space in front of their CBUs clear by shoveling show. Allowing snow to accumulate doesn't just make it difficult for residents to check their mail; it poses a safety hazard. Residents or mail couriers could slip and fall -- a problem that's avoided by shoveling snow.


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