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What Size Curbside Mailbox Do I Need? Things to Consider When Choosing a Size

Monday December 03, 2018

When choosing a curbside mailbox, it's important to consider the size. Curbside mailboxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from small to extra-large. So, what size should you get?


USPS Specifications

First, choose a size that complies with the USPS's guidelines. The United States Postal Office (USPS) has specifications regarding the size of curbside mailboxes. Recently, the USPS released its USPS-STF-7C directive, which includes minimum size measurements for traditional and contemporary curbside mailboxes. The directive specifically states that all curbside mailboxes must accommodate mail measuring 7 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 16 inches deep. This includes non-locking as well as locking curbside mailboxes, the latter of which must also pass a security test to ensure it's strong and not easily accessed using tools like a pry bar.

Consider How Much Mail You Receive

Think about how much mail you typically receive in a given week, and choose a mailbox in an appropriate size. If you only get a one or two letters a day, a small mailbox should suffice. But if you receive dozens of letters and packages each week, you should probably invest in a larger mailbox. Once your mailbox is full, the courier will likely leave a note asking you to visit the local USPS office to pick up your excess mail; so you can avoid this inconvenience with a larger mailbox. 

Address Visibility

A large mailbox can help guests find your home more easily. With a large mailbox, you can place large, prominent address numbers on your mailbox. The USPS doesn't regulate the size of address numbers on curbside mailboxes. It only states that mailboxes should feature the respective house or apartment number. You can take advantage of the spacious surface offered by a large mailbox by displaying equally large address numbers on it. Doing so can help family, friends and other guests find your home more easily.

Choose a Uniform Size for Community Mailboxes

If you're buying curbside mailboxes for your entire neighborhood or community, you'll want to stick with a uniform size. Purchasing mailboxes in different sizes and styles will create an awkward appearance in your neighborhood or community. You can create a more consistent appearance, however, by sticking with a single, uniform size. Whether you're buying 10 mailboxes or 100, choose a uniform size to improve the aesthetics of your neighborhood or community.


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