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The Benefits of Choosing an Aluminum Curbside Mailbox

Friday October 05, 2018

Aluminum is often the preferred material used to make curbside mailboxes, especially in coastal areas like Florida that are prone to salt exposure. From single-dwelling curbside mailboxes to multi-unit mailboxes, this otherwise common material offers several key benefits. So, if you’re planning to replace your community's mailboxes in the near future, you should consider choosing an aluminum for the following reasons.

Rust Resistant

Thanks to its rust-resistant properties, a high-quality aluminum mailbox can last for decades. Aluminum contains an outer layer of aluminum oxide that protects against rust and oxidation. Stanford University explains that aerospace manufacturing companies use aluminum to build airplanes for this reason. Even when exposed to salt water an aluminum mailbox won’t rust.


Mailboxes made of aluminum weight less than similar-sized mailboxes made of steel. A steel mailbox, for example, weighs about two-and-a-half times more than an aluminum mailbox of the same size. With a lighter weight, aluminum mailboxes are less likely to become top-heavy on the post, and slowly start to lean. 

Inexpensive to Maintain

Because you don’t have to worry about an aluminum mailbox rusting, there is only minimal maintenance suggested to the finish. Most aluminum curbside mailboxes have a durable powder coat finish. Powder coating is the longest lasting finish option for a mailbox, but an occasional rinse with your hose can help to minimize oxidization and the natural fading that will occur over time. 

Easy to Refurbish

Over time UV exposure will cause a slight fade with the finish of your aluminum mailbox. With an aluminum mailbox,  you can simply paint it. Aluminum will easily hold paint for years. As with most painting jobs, the secret to painting an aluminum mailbox is to apply a primer first. Forsite has helps dozens of communities throughout Florida to refurbish their mailboxes by straightening any leaning posts, applying a new coat of paint, and adding new numbers.

What About Steel?

Aluminum isn’t the only metal of which mailboxes are made. Steel is another common metal used for this application. It’s stronger and heavier than aluminum, steel mailboxes are also prone to rust – a problem not found in aluminum mailboxes. Either way, you can’t go wrong with either an aluminum or steel mailbox for your home or business.

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