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4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Community's Mailboxes

Wednesday October 03, 2018

Curbside mailboxes are more than just a drop-off location for you and your community's mail and packages; they're an essential element of your community's curb appeal. They adds new color and allow for designs that compliment your general aesthetic and overall landscape in the neighborhood. Over time, however, mailboxes will degrade and need replacing. So, how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your mailboxes?

#1) They Don't Function Properly

If your mailbox door won’t stay shut, it’s time to replace it. A loose door can allow mail to get wet or blow out and into the street. Furthermore, postal workers or other motorists may accidentally hit your mailbox’s door if it’s down and open. A high-quality curbside mailbox should feature a door with a strong latching mechanism that prevents it from opening unintentionally. Also look at things like the the mailbox flag mechanism, broken post brackets, leaning posts, etc. 

#2) They Aren't Consistent 

The color of your mailboxes will impact your communities curb appeal. Ideally, you should choose a mailboxes in a color and style that compliments the rest of the community's landscape and home designs. For example, if you live in a seaside community, using a mailbox post bracket that compliments that theme can go a long way in tying together the various elements throughout. Also, if the color clashes with your home’s exterior, replace them with a mailbox in a different color so that they all match. The USPS allows mailboxes of all colors, though you should consider requiring the same color and design throughout your neighborhood.

#3) They're Rusted

A rusted mailbox is a major eyesore that you’ll want to avoid as a homeowner. It reflects poorly on your home’s curb appeal, creating the appearance of an unkempt exterior. In some cases, you might be able to clean and buff out minor rust. If it’s severe, though, replacing your mailbox is the only viable option. Having several rusted mailboxes on the same street can have severe impacts on the overall feel of the neighborhood, and can even start impact home values. 

#4) It Doesn’t Comply With USPS Guidelines

If your curbside mailboxes don't comply with the United States Postal Office’s (USPS’s) guidelines, you should consider replacing them. The USPS has specific rules that homeowners must follow when constructing their mailbox. A few years ago, the postmaster for a small Georgia community sent a warning to entire neighborhood that they needed to raise the height of their mailboxes because they were too low. They ignored the warning, and the USPS stopped delivering mail until the issue was resolved. 

Welcome to Forsite! You’ve found your best source custom curbside mailboxes and cluster mailboxes. We manufacture and install upscale site amenities throughout the United States.

Welcome to Forsite! You’ve found your best source custom curbside mailboxes and cluster mailboxes. We manufacture and install upscale site amenities throughout the United States.

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