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What to look for when buying signage for your community

Wednesday December 13, 2017

These days, there are more Florida sign companies than ever for local communities to choose from. However, not all can offer the same quality and variety of signs, or at the same price. Here's what to look for to identify the sign maker that's right for you:

  1.  Sign making specialty – There are lots of businesses out there that say they can make signs, but that doesn't mean they have the experience or equipment to make them right. When you need signs for a community or any purpose, talk to an actual sign company. They will have a better understanding of what you need, have more options for you, and are likely to turn out a better looking product. They will also have the experience to advise you on how to make your sign the best it can possibly be, warning you if something in your design will not be visible or easy to read.
  2.  Durable, quality materials – Signs face many sources of wear and tear. Most signs will be outside and exposed to the elements including rain, sunlight, wind, and temperature extremes. Indoor signs may be bumped into or may need to be handled and moved by staff. But no matter where your sign is, you'll want it to last a long time and look just as sharp years from now as it does today. Your sign company should be able to present you with a wide range of high-quality material options, from banners to wooden signs to steel and much more.
  3.  Customization – If all you wanted to do was print your logo onto a plain prefabricated sign, you wouldn't need to see a specialist. These days, more communities want custom shapes and designs for their signs or are interested in three dimensional signs or lettering. Your sign company should be able to have custom signs created in almost any form you can imagine.
  4.  Computer Assisted Design – Good sign companies use CAD programs to ensure total accuracy and reduce costs, and can show you a three dimensional mockup of your sign before it is created.
  5.  Installation available – Some signs just need to be bolted in place; others are much more complex than that. Your sign maker should be able to offer full, on-site installation if you need it.
  1.  Bulk/package rates – Do you need signs for multiple locations? Or one big sign and several smaller ones? Ask for a bulk rate or a package discount when buying multiple signs.


What kind of sign does your community need? Contact us at Forsite to find out more about what we can offer you!