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Homeownership and the Dreaded Upkeep!

Tuesday March 06, 2018

Lots of people say they are excited to become homeowners and many dream about the day when they will own a big house.  For those of you who already own a house though you are intimately familiar with the reality of homeownership.  We all would love to believe that owning a home is nothing but fun and sunshine, however it's not.  The required yearly upkeep associated with owning a house is quite a time consuming and can at times be expensive.  Furthermore, the bigger the house the more there is to manage.  Let's delve into some of the regular upkeep that homeowners experience and effective solutions for them.

The appearance of your house and your property is important.  You don't want your property to look rundown because it can damage both your property value and those surrounding yours.  It also reflects poorly upon you and it raises the question of why purchase a house if you're just going to let it degrade.  One place where you'll always see homes being well taken care of and properly managed is by communities with homeowner associations.  They generally charge a regular fee to pay for the upkeep of all the homes in the community on a yearly basis to ensure outside appearances don't become an issue.

If you're on your own though, here are some of the most common things that need attention paid to.  The first thing people often encounter when approaching your house is your mailbox.  Your mailbox is usually pounded by the elements, exposed to accidents and can be targeted by vandalism.  Hiring a skilled and expert mailbox repair service is the easiest and best way to restore this blemish on your property and protect your mail at the same time.

Besides your mailbox one of the common issues that people forget about is their gutters.  This is a particularly big problem for those whose houses' are surrounded by trees because the leaves, seeds and twigs often fall into the gutters and can clog them up.  Having a roofing/gutter company scheduled to come clean your gutters on a yearly basis is ideal.  The last thing you need is small trees growing out of your gutters.


Another major way to improve the look of your property on the front is by installing tasteful and effective lighting.  Many homeowners leave the front of their property looking dark and rather creepy at night.  Believe it or not, potential buyers are strongly recommended to look at a house both during the day and at night in order to have a good feeling for it.  Having attractive lamp posts is also vastly superior in appearance to the typical flood lights that people install in the ground and have shining on trees or the house.   Remember when it comes to upkeep it's easier to take care of each task as it happens instead of waiting for it to pile up and appear overwhelming to begin.  Procrastination is the enemy.