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Decorative Mailboxes: A Career and Passion for a Man in Durham

Tuesday December 13, 2016

When you own a home, one of the most important parts is maintaining its quality. After all, our homes are places of relaxation and rest. Some people invest in siding or roofing, while others tend to consider the benefits of decorative mailboxes. However, there is no underestimating the power of a mailbox. A mailbox isn’t simply a mailbox; just ask Ted Maynor of Durham, North Carolina

Ted Maynor’s story is truly a remarkable one. As a disabled survivor of both liver disease and cancer, he wasn’t interested in sitting around at home watching television. Instead, Ted Maynor decided to pursue a more worthwhile hobby: selling, installing and repairing mailboxes from his big white business van. His van is unmistakable; on the top of the roof is a selection of decorative mailboxes. On the side of his work van are the words Mailbox Makeovers/Curb Appeal Transformation.

According to Maynor, who is 60 years old, there is a tremendous market for the mailbox industry. Maynor supplies his customers with interesting mailbox designs, such as U.S. flags, Carolina Panthers and UNC ram logos, and more. Inside of the van are posts, decorative decals, letters, and numbers. 

Maynor carries his tools with him wherever he goes, helping to improve the community of Durham, North Carolina with their mailbox needs. He has been very successful installing and decorating mailboxes.

Ted Maynor has assisted many citizens of Durham with their mailbox needs. Over the years, he has held many different professions and even graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in business administration.

If adding a little bit of curb appeal to your home has caught your interest, then there is nothing like a good decorative mailbox. Not only will it improve your home, but it will improve the rest of your community as well.