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Congratulations You’re a Homeowner!

Wednesday May 06, 2015

Many are saying 2015 is going to be quite the big year, especially in the housing market.  There are a lot of expected new first time home buyers coming to the market.  Perhaps you’re one of them, or perhaps you’re finally moving into that house you’ve been gazing at longingly for a while.  Well, the market appears to be in an excellent position this year for buyers!  There’s so much to think about, now that you’re moving into your house.

One of the greatest parts of home ownership is the freedom to decorate and landscape your property in the manner you so desire.  There’s a lot you can do, so let’s start with some of the basic necessities.  You’re probably going to need a mailbox, and you may be wondering what kind.  Well picking out a decorative mailbox can actually be moreengaging and thought-provoking than you realize.  There are a lot of designs out there, and lot of ways to truly customize it to fit with your property and give it a style that is unique.  Buying a proper mailbox is important for several reasons; it’s made of better material and therefore endures weather better, it’ll be stronger and more secure which means your mail will be safe and you can make it fit your property’s appearance.

The next thing you need to consider is how you’re doing the front yard and backyard.  Do you want a seasonal landscape, an evergreen landscape or just grass with a simple pathway to your front door?  A seasonal setup lets you plant flowers for each season and lets you really show off your green thumb skills, but it can be time consuming.  If that’s not the niche for you then going with some evergreen shrubbery may be the answer.  The most you’ll need to do is some trimming to keep them maintained, healthy and good looking.  Or perhaps you’d rather just have grass for the kids to run around on.   Be sure to consider your time, and what will look good.

The backyard also brings with it a set of questions.  If the house already has a patio and some design going on then perhaps there isn’t too much to think about.  However, if your house doesn’t you may want to consider creating a place in the back where you can sit and enjoy the nice weather.  If you do build a patio, do you want it to be open or covered?  Do you want it to be useable during cold weather?  Hopefully you’ve already been thinking, and if not hopefully reading this has helped stimulate your thinking!  Either way, be sure to enjoy your new home and make sure you explore all the fun aspects of being a homeowner!