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5 Reasons to Consider Mailbox Refurbishment

Saturday December 02, 2017

Mailbox refurbishment is a growing industry in Orlando, where mailboxes are exposed to heat, humidity and heavy rain. Yet many home- and business-owners aren’t sure if they really need to have their mailbox professionally refurbished. Here are five reasons you probably do:


  1. To keep your property looking attractive. The biggest reason people seek out a mailbox refurbishment professional is to keep the premises looking great. Repairing a damaged mailbox takes time, skill and the right tools and is not easy for an amateur. The same is true for mailbox painting. But getting the mailbox looking great (and working great) is a must if you want your property to look attractive and well cared for. This is true whether you just want your own mailbox to look good as you drive up to your home each day, or if you have a large multi-unit mailbox in an apartment building or office structure.


  1. Visibility. Residential mailboxes serve multiple purposes. They not only hold mail, they also serve as visible markers in front of a home or at the entrance to a driveway. Often, they feature the property’s address number. If the paint is old and worn off, mailboxes become less visible especially in the dark, in deep snow or in inclement weather. Refurbishment can get your mailbox looking bright, beautiful and easy to spot once again.


  1. To protect your mail. An old, rusty or damaged mailbox doesn’t just look bad. It also functions poorly. Mailboxes need to protect the mail inside them, and in most areas the biggest threat is the elements. Loose seams in a metal mailbox, old or warped wood on a wooden one, or even a faulty door or rust spots can all be places where moisture leaks in, damaging or destroying your mail. Refurbishment solves all of these problems and makes sure your mailbox can keep your mail safe.


  1. An even, professional paint job. Painting a mailbox isn’t easy. With curved surfaces and metal joints that fit together just right, you don’t want to take a regular paintbrush to a mailbox—and spaying can be hard if the mailbox has a different color trim. Our Orlando mailbox refurbishment service makes sure the paint job is even, professional and flawless.


  1. Curb appeal. A mailbox is one of the first things a prospective buyer sees. Making it look nice helps create a positive first impression of the property.