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4 Simple Ways to Touch Up Your Home's Exterior This Fall

Tuesday August 08, 2017

The exterior of your home makes a daily and lasting impression on neighbors, friends, and family. It's the first thing people see, so maintaining its appearance is important. Since the fall season brings cooler temperatures, making outdoor work more pleasant, what better time to update your home's exterior than now? And all it takes is a few small projects to effect a big change on your outdoor space.

Below are four simple ways to touch up on the outside of your home this fall.

  1. Brush up the paint

A quick touch up on paint can do wonders for the exterior of your home. Take a careful look at your house and the outside elements like your garage and work on selected spots. A fresh coat of paint can improve your home immensely, without the cost of a serious remodel. It may even be time for a completely different color to really give your home new life. Whichever you decide to do, a new coat of paint can be aesthetically transformative. Early fall is an especially smart time to paint, since you'll be less likely to get heat stroke and it'll brighten your home during the darker fall and winter months.


  1. Do some landscaping

As we all know, fall means a lot of leaves. Although clearing your lawn of leaves, twigs, and other debris is tedious work, it not only makes your lawn look nice but also keeps it healthy. And despite the approaching winter season, you should continue to improve the health of your grass. Remove any weeds and feed your grass with nutrients.


  1. Check up on your mailbox

Because the winter weather can be rough, autumn is a good time to make sure your mailbox is in good shape and can withstand whatever the colder temperatures may bring. Check to see if any hinges on the door need to be tightened or replaced, ensure that the mailbox is correctly mounted and not loose, and replace or add house numbers if need be. It may be time for a completely new mailbox. We carry a large selection of decorative mailboxes for you to choose from, which can be personalized to meet your specific requirements.


  1. Improve your Lighting

As the colder months approach, the sun will set sooner and the nights will be longer. Make sure your outdoor lighting works properly and be sure to replace any dim or broken bulbs. Also, since the wet winter weather has the potential to cause problems in lighting systems, fixtures may not be avoidable. If you want to add some charm to your home, consider installing garden lights along your pathway or front door.