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3 Simple Things the Average Tampa Resident can Do to Boost their Home's Curb Appeal

Tuesday September 06, 2016

If you're a homeowner in Tampa, you could be sitting on thousands of dollars that are waiting to be spent. People love living in The Sunshine State, and if you're in a city like Tampa, you have some much-desired property. You may be comfortable living in your current home, and may not see yourself moving for quite some time, but as the years pass and your life and family change, you may be willing to go to someplace new. Don't worry about scrambling to fix your home when you decide you want to sell it; instead, you should add some curb appeal to your home to make it attractive to potential buyers. If you do these small things to the outside of your home, you could make it one of the most coveted on the block.


Make your door memorable

Your lawn, siding, and window shutters are all an important part of your home's overall outdoor look, but your door can actually draw more attention than all of them combined. Your door acts as both a barrier and a passageway to your home, and making your door stand out can be a simple way to improve people's first impression. Adding a simple new coat of paint, or cleaning and varnishing your old door can make a huge difference when you are trying to sell.


Add simple decorative elements

If you want your home to stand out from the others on your block, a few outdoor décor elements can help. Lawn ornaments can also help improve the look of your home, as long as you get the right kind. When some people think about lawn ornaments, they imagine gnomes and plastic flamingos, but you don't have to decorate your lawn with clichés. A few stones to make an alternate path to your door, or some small stone sculptures can add some class to your yard and create a relaxing, garden-like atmosphere that buyers will covet.