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3 Reasons to Get a Custom Mailbox

Tuesday October 03, 2017

More and more people are choosing custom mailboxes in Tampa, FL. Custom mailboxes have many advantages over off-the-shelf varieties, both in terms of design and quality. But many home and business owners still haven't heard of custom mailboxes and don't see the difference. What draws people to custom mailboxes? Here are three huge benefits:

  • AppearanceBy far the biggest reason people seek out custom mailboxes in Tampa (or anywhere else, for that matter) is for style. Your mailbox is generally very visible outside of your house, condo or apartment building. It is as much a part of your property's first impression as the landscaping, the front façade or the décor inside. Accordingly, many people prefer not to be stuck with the cookie cutter stock mailboxes that are found at big box stores. Instead, they want something that will match a particular home style, color scheme or look. And custom mailboxes provide those options, often at surprisingly low prices. An attractive mailbox can make a big difference in how the outside of a property looks.


  • Security – A second reason that many people seek out custom mailboxes is security. The truth is that most stock mailboxes just aren't that secure. If they have security options at all, they are often of low quality, or can be easily broken into. Our custom mailboxes are created with enough space to fit a locking insert inside and built of quality materials that are properly joined and, thus, hard to break. Many businesses, apartment managers, and homeowner associations prefer mailboxes that are designed with these security features in mind. Some individual homeowners feel the same way. You will often send or receive sensitive personal documents in the mail, so it is very important that your mailbox is secured against identity thieves. A concern for security overlaps with a wish for style: many so-called "security" mailboxes that come off the shelf may be secure, but they're certainly not stylish. Custom mailboxes can give you the best of both worlds.


  • Durability – Finally, custom mailboxes of quality construction can deliver far more in terms of durability. Durability may not always be something you think of when shopping for a mailbox, but it makes a big difference. If you want to spend the least time and money on maintenance or repairs over the years, a custom mailbox is your best bet. This is especially true in Tampa, where the wet climate can wreak havoc on a low-quality mailbox.

Are you looking for a custom mailbox? What style or type are you interested in? Browse our selection of mailboxes at Forsite and find the right one for your needs.