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The Complete Guide to Multi-Unit Mailboxes

Friday January 21, 2022

Curbside mailboxes are available in different styles You can find them in traditional and contemporary styles, for instance. Traditional curbside mailboxes are characterized by a rectangular-dome shape, whereas contemporary curbside mailboxes feature an alternative shape. There are also multi-unit mailboxes. Most multi-unit mailboxes are considered traditional, meaning they feature a rectangular-dome shape, but they consist of multiple mailboxes on a single post.

Overview of Multi-Unit Mailboxes 

Multi-unit mailboxes are mail delivery systems that, as the name suggests, consists of multiple mailbox units. Some of them have two mailbox units, whereas others have four or even six mailbox units. Regardless, all multi-unit mailboxes consist of multiple mailbox units on a single post. At the top of the post is a flat base. The mailbox units are aligned horizontally to each other and mounted on this base.

When to Use Multi-Unit Mailboxes

There are several instances in which multi-unit mailboxes can prove beneficial. If you're developing a residential community that contains townhouses, for instance, you may want to use them instead of standard curbside mailboxes. A townhouse is a house that's split into two or more living spaces. They are often split right down the middle. Rather than installing multiple mailboxes for a townhouse, you can install a single multi-unit mailbox.

You may want to use multi-unit mailboxes for houses that are built close together. Even if they aren't necessarily townhouses, they may benefit from the use of multi-unit mailboxes. A multi-unit mailbox will allow mail couriers to service the houses more easily, and when compared to using standard mailboxes, it will conserve space.

Multi-unit mailboxes are convenient. You'll have an easier time installing and maintaining them when compared to standard mailboxes. Just remember to choose multi-unit mailboxes with an appropriate number of units for each property you are developing.

Don't Forget the House Numbers

When installing multi-unit mailboxes, don't forget to add house numbers. Each mailbox unit denotes an address. When mail couriers deliver mail to a multi-unit mailbox, they'll look for house numbers on it. Failure to include house numbers on a multi-unit mailbox will prevent mail couriers from servicing it.

You can use any color for the house numbers. The United States Postal Service (USPS) recommends house numbers in a contrasting color. For a black multi-unit mailbox, for instance, you may want to use red or orange house numbers. Just remember to make sure the house numbers are at least 1 inch tall.


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