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Forsite is a leading distributor and installer of mailboxes directly to homeowners. Our products are made of cast aluminum and are powder coated. Rust free, maintenance free, and easy to install, you’ll enjoy years of service.

Forsite's Top How-To!

At Forsite, we offer DIY tips for the beautification of your home. Read below to find advice on installing one of our curbside mailboxes, cast aluminum mailboxes, decorative mailboxes, and more.

How to Install a Post and Mailbox

Materials Needed: 

Mailbox, Mailbox Post, 2x4 boards, water, quick-setting concrete, galvanized screws

Step 1: Dig a Hole for the PostImage of home beautification
If necessary, remove the cement base from the old post. Dig a new hole using a post-hole digger. According to standard postal service codes, a mailbox should not sit any higher than 45 inches from street level.

Step 2: Secure the Post
Place the post in the hole. Level it and attach two support beams at the center to keep the post standing up straight. Place one at the side of the post, and then add another to the back. This will ensure the post does not move while pouring the concrete and it remains level while the concrete is drying.

Step 3: Add Concrete
Pour the dry concrete straight into the hole leaving 3 to 4 inches of space from the top of the hole. In most cases a 50-pound bag of quick-dry concrete should suffice. Saturate the concrete. For a 50-pound bag you will need about a gallon of water. Be sure to leave support beams in place for 4 to 6 hours or until concrete is dry.

Step 4: Attach Mailbox
Most mailbox kits will come with a wood anchor to attach to the post. After screwing the anchor to the post, slide the mailbox over anchor and secure with screws.

Forsite’s DIY Advantage Program
  1. Best Products Best Value: Attractive selection- Cast Aluminum, Rust Free, No Maintenance!
  2. Specialists: Available to discuss your unique needs and provide resources for you.
  3. Match and Mix: Shop for matching products by choosing the collection that best matches your community.
  4. Durable and Attractive: Improve the appearance of your community and increase home values.
  5. One-Stop Convenience: Online ordering and scheduling system.
  6. Expert Installation: Insured and experienced staff installs top quality products nationwide.
  7. ROI: Increase the value of the homes by thousands of dollars by choosing safe and durable products.
  8. Warranty Protection: 1 year warranty!
  9. Discount Program: Online sales of replacement parts and community discounts.  
Yes! You can DIY!

Forsite can help homeowners with coordinated and complementary, themed products including mailboxes and outdoor residential lighting and other site amenities.

What makes a good mailbox?

Forsite only sells and installs the best products.